A Buffalo Island Escape

    Hey, hey! I’m alive! Sorry it’s been so quiet over here lately. Life has been crazy busy and between adjusting to the new back-to-school routine, picking up a couple new client projects, and trying to maintain a normal(ish) home life, I haven’t gotten the chance to sit and chat here as much as I would like.

    I wrote an article for Only In Your State a few weeks back featuring Buffalo Tiki Tours and after the post was published, one of the owners of the boat reached out to offer me a free tour for six! Despite a hectic schedule, I managed to find a free Saturday afternoon and I’m so glad I did! We took off from RiverWorks on a sunny 80º day and the tour was such a blast.

    “Tiki Pete” showed us a great time, the views of the city were top notch from the water, and the afternoon was just the island escape I needed to unwind and forget about work and responsibilities for a while!

    If you want to book your own Tiki tour (which I highly recommend), the boat will be taking off through October and they’re even offering discounted rates in October of $25 per person for a one hour tour. With weather like we’ve been blessed with this week, there’s still time to enjoy your own little local tropical getaway! Head here to book your date!